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March 22, 2024, 2:04PM

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Jake Christensen
started transcription

Jake Christensen  
Absolutely alright.
Let me turn on the translator.
Turn off the transcript.
So it doesn’t distract me.
Alright, thank thank you guys for joining.
Excuse me, as as Lisa said, we’ll we’ll walk through the demo of of life center.
I know there have been quite a few demos available out there.
It sounds like several of you guys have logged in and seen the platform first hand, or if at any point you’ve used Medicare Center, it’s built on a lot of the same architecture.
So as we go, Lance, yourself or anyone on the team, feel free to interrupt me with questions or if we need to say like, hey, we already know about that, let’s move to the next thing I do.
Wanna take a chance as we kind of get through this, we can talk about some of what we’re doing next.
One of the biggest things I just want to share is everything we show, where we’re constantly releasing new features so we have some some new major features that are releasing in the next Sprint or two as well.
And we’ve got a lot that we’ve got planned for this year.
So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen and start walking through things.
If you guys can let me know that you can see it.

Will Kemp  
All right, Connor, come here.

Liza Cianciosi  
There you go.

Jake Christensen  
Can you guys see it?

Andrew Watson  

Liza Cianciosi  

Jake Christensen  
Alright, so so first and foremost, once once an agent logs in to LifeCENTER, they will be brought to this dashboard.
One thing that’s that’s important to note that I think you guys you guys have probably been aware of as as it’s it’s unique for anyone that happens to have agents or happens to themselves sell both products LifeCENTER and MedicareCenter they they allow you to sell whatever products you’re licensed for.
So I’ll show that in just a second.
But if you happen to focus on life, that’s what we’ll walk through here.
And if you sell one, this works great.
If you sell the other works great.
If you sell both, it works great.
Once I land here, one of the things you’ll notice right out of the gate is right in the top left corner.
Well, sorry before that if you have not been in the platform before or if you’ve used it in the past and haven’t seen it since we launched Life Center.
One of the things that we added here is we show uh, this, this kind of welcome screen.
So it will take you through any new users through a guide, or if you’re returning user, we’ll walk you through what’s changed, what’s different and that that pops up the first time you log in and then if you ever need to see it again, you can.
You can bring it back up here.
We’re leaving that on for the first little bit here.
We want to make sure everyone is fully aware and understands everything that the platform does and like I said, if anything has changed when you first log in in the top left corner, one of the biggest things that we focus on my, my team has a lot of people with a lot of time and background in, in CRMS and marketing automation systems, lots of other similar technology platforms.
One of the biggest things we had in interviewing a lot of the agents and agency leaders that we did when we first built this platform is that there was a need to be able to bring in contact information, prospects, client information as well as policy information and be able to marry those two things together.
So the very first thing you’ll see in the top left corner here is the clients snapshot.
This lets an agency just at a glance what their what their client list looks like.
How many new prospects they have that they are?
They either got as a lead that they need to reach out to.
How many people from that list that they’ve contacted?
How many are engaged?
They’re having a back and forth with the people have followed up and then who’s become a client, who have you retained as a client and who is ultimately loyal, who have you retained either multiple years or over multiple products?
We want to make it very easy for an agent to just glance at and see what is my what is my client group look like?
What do I need to do next?
As we as we’ve worked through this this platform, it really came down to trying to streamline and enable three things capturing and gathering leads, working with those clients, those prospects and then ultimately quoting and enrolling business and and being able to manage across those 33 stages.
So the very first thing that a new user can do is you can come in and import or create any contacts you have.
So if you’ve kept a list in Excel, if you’ve kept a list in a different system that you’re paying for like a sales force, and you want to use this system, which we we offer as integrity, we offer for no charge to anyone, then you can come in and import that list of of contacts.
Here, in addition to that, we wanted to make sure it was easy as possible for agents to get new prospects to be able to go and create demand, find new leads.
So one other thing that we’ve done here is lead center is integrated with the client management list.
If again, if you have used this in the past with the the Medicare side, that’s been true for a while.
We just integrated it with the life and final expense leads.
So any lead that an agent purchases in life or in lead center once, once you make that purchase, all those leads will get automatically created in LifeCENTER with the status of new, the stage of new and where relevant with tagged information to tell you where that lead came from, where you purchased it, if it was from lead center, if there was a specific campaign.
In addition to that, on the the generating leads or generating demand side, any agent that creates an account with life center, his automatically issued a dedicated agent phone number as well as a dedicated agent personal website.
These are both fully integrated on on the life side, the agent phone numbers completely optional to use, but we include a lot of functions and features that we feel make it a pretty useful tool to use.
So with this phone number I I can share this out.
It’s also posted on my agent website and on the plan enroll.
So this agent website is using our consumer brand plan and role on the national plan enroll website wherever an agent is licensed to sell.
We also have an agent map where clients can say, hey, I’m looking for an agent to help me in.
Tennessee It will pull this same information and and display.
Excuse me?
Display that that you, as an agent, that you’re ready and and here to help in in a given area this phone number you have full control over where that routes at any given time.
So right now I have it forwarding calls to my cell phone.
If I had a desk phone, I can click edit here and I can change where that forwards.
If I had an answering service that’s helping me temporarily to screen calls, I can forward it there and I can do that in the moment at any time, so I can make that change and it will route the next call up to the new line.
The other thing that this phone number does on the demand generation side is every call to and from this phone number, we’ll get automatically recorded for the agent and placed in either this this dashboard here. Oops.
Unlinked calls, meaning I received a call but I don’t have a contact for it yet or where where we’re able to do so we’ll get automatically linked to the contact record that the call is is associated with.
So Lance, if I had your information in here, I give you a call.
It’s going to make that call, record it, save it, transcribe it for me and put it into your contact record in the platform here.

Lance Perry  
Jake real quick question because most of my guys use an iPad or an iPhone only they don’t get on the computer.
This also has an app and it works almost the same way from the app, correct?

Jake Christensen  
Yep it does.
It does.
So we have mobile app, it’s called integrity for agents that includes both Life Center and Medicare Center.
It has all of these same features, so the call routing, the lead integration, everything we walked through so far and everything else I’ll show is available in the mobile app.
The other great thing is it’s built on a unified set of data, meaning that if I had both my phone and the web open, any changes I make are immediately available on both platforms.
So if you’re 100% mobile, it’s easy.
You can quickly use things there if I receive a call to that phone line, you’ll get a push notification saying, hey, someone’s trying to call you right now.
Uh, if I if I create a contact record and then I happen to go into my office, I wanna pull it up on on screen.
Everything’s there immediately.
So the other thing that I’ll go ahead.

Brian Celestine  
Question Jake Jake, if you would do, do you guys have any problems with those numbers when they’re used a lot?
You know, it’ll start showing up as spam, likely.
Does that wipe that out from that happening?

Jake Christensen  
So we work with a service that issued the lines to to track and monitor that constantly.
So we have had that happen.
Usually we’re able to solve it pretty quickly if you ever have anyone have that happen, have them submit a ticket.
We have a few different things we do to to take care of that.
So for the most part, we’re able to address that very quickly and each of each of these lines individually are dedicated.

Brian Celestine  

Jake Christensen  
So those aren’t shared numbers.
So generally, if that happens, we’re either able to submit to the cell companies that, hey, this is a legitimate line.
Here’s what it’s used for.
Or we’re able to reissue a new number if it happens to get picked up that way.

Lance Perry  
Jake real quick while on this screen agent website, everybody gets a free website.

Brian Celestine  

Jake Christensen  
Ohh whoops.

Lance Perry  
That integrity is providing, so I don’t think you mentioned that, but they probably don’t know that either.

Jake Christensen  
So everyone gets a free website.
This website has all of the agent information on it, including contact information.
Uh, NPN.
Whether what, whether you’re available, you’re toggled in and available and email address.
In addition to that, it will pull whatever your available products are.
So whatever you are appointed contracted and licensed to sell.
So if I sell final expense, this is I’ve given this to a prospect or a client, they come in here, they fill this information out, they click continue to my quote, it’s going to look at.
Oh, whoops, sure.
We got everything filled out correctly here.
It’s going to look at the.
Contact information and and your profile as an agent and and only display the products that you are contracted, appointed and licensed to sell, and then when I as a client, if I find something that like, yeah, this one looks good.
If I click it, it’s going to take that client to the contact information for the agent to reach out and ultimately get enrolled in the plan on the Medicare side, they’re able to completely complete an enrollment on here and all of those enrollments are credited to the agent as the agent of record.
All right.
So the next thing that we’ll take a look at here is the policy snapshot.
So with the policy snapshot, any, uh policies that are written through the platform, we will automatically associate to the contact it was written for and we pull in from the carriers.
The status of those policies as they’re processed, we’ll we’ll show the information we get from the carrier.
Some of them are great at it.
Some of them are a little slow and not not as forthright in the information they share, but when we get it from the carrier we will post it here and let you know if a policy is pending.
If it’s been accepted, if it’s been issued, or if it’s been declined and you need to take an action to to follow up on why this is a feature where continuing to expand, but it’s been extremely useful to to display this visibility as widely as possible.
We’ve seen people able to pick up issues much, much much quicker than than in the past.
The one other thing you’ll notice will automatically associate anyones we can but we do pull in all the policies that you’re NPN and writing number as an agent that you’re listed as the agent of record.
We’ll pull them all in.
We want to give you that full visibility.
So for any that we can’t link automatically, we’ll pull it in as unlinked and make it easy for the agent to quickly create a contact, link it to existing contacts and and try to keep things as kind of circled around that individual person that I’m I’m creating a relationship with as possible, and that that call recording I mentioned unlinked calls is we do the same thing.
We make it as easy as possible for an agent to keep bringing that information back to individual contacts at the end of the day, we want those contacts that we look at here to be as complete and comprehensive a profile of this person that you are providing services for as possible.
So we want to bring all of this information back to this profile.
The other reason we do that that I’m sure many of you saw advertising on this over the last six months or so is for ask integrity.
So ask integrity is a tool that we released just before around.
I want to say August, September of last year.
What it does is it pulls all that information that we are centralizing around these contacts and gives the agent the ability to quickly summarize and pull information on the fly.
So I have a a client called John Smith.
It’s a very, very unique name.
I can ask, ask integrity to summarize that contact, it will go and pull all of John’s information that I’ve entered into that contact.
All the critical information and summarize it for me so that I don’t have to go kind of picking and packing around to find all of this.
If, say I have a meeting with John Smith in 15 minutes and I want to make sure I’m I’m on top of things and and where in addition to that I am able to and I we all of our calls I have right here are Shorter.
So I’d have to I can if if anyone has a production environment you can test it, but if I do a phone call, say Lance, I call you and we have a 30 minute conversation.
I cover a lot of different things.
Ask integrity will also take that phone call and allow me.
It will summarize it for me, so it will take that 30 minute phone call down to a one to two minute summary and tell me what we talked about, what you requested and what I said I would do.
That is really, really powerful on the web like this, making it easy for, hey, I gotta head out and go meet with John.
I’ve got a meeting I’ve scheduled with him.
I wanna quickly make sure I’m on the ball and up to speed.
It also makes it easy that when you guys are talking with an individual on the phone or I’ll talk about the other one in a minute, but on the phone, you don’t have to sit there and take a bunch of notes.
It’ll just capture all the information for you.
It will transcribe the call.
So if you want to go back and read the details, you can read the details and it’ll pull that summary on the mobile application.
It’s even more powerful.
So the mobile application will do all of that, but will also read the summaries for you out loud.
So if you’re in the car, you plug it into your audio.
I’m on my way to meet with John Smith.
I can ask for a summary and then my car audio will read that summary to me and at the end of the summary ask if I want directions to John’s house.
So we’re we’re really trying to make it as simple, streamlined as quick as possible to be able to use all this information that we’re capturing and centralizing.
All right.
So after after on the dashboard, after looking at policies, I can come down here to our what we call our task list.
So this pulls together information from each of the contact records that you have and surfaces all of that information that you need to take action on things you need to respond to.
So first and foremost, you’ll see plan enroll leads.
I mentioned that’s our uh, that’s our consumer brand and what the personal agent websites use any time there is a hand raiser from that website or from any campaigns we do what we call exclusive plan enroll campaigns in lead center.
Anytime you have a hand raiser that’s saying hey, I need.
I need help on something and they either hit your website and request help or call your number or they have they they have reached out through the lead center program.
We will place those leads right here to make them easy to see.
Surface them and prioritize them for the agent to be able to know exactly when a request was put in.
Be able to respond quickly and follow up, and these contacts could automatically created for you.
So one of the things that we see is on a on a day when someone logs in for the first time, they’ll come down and quickly check to see, OK, do I have any plan enroll leads to respond to yes or no follow up with them and then move on through the rest of the dashboard.
We also pull up all of your reminders, so on each contact I’m able to create as many reminders as as I’d like with a date stamp so that I can track what I’m supposed to do next based on time.
So if you have any that you’re laid on or any that are upcoming, we will pull those to the dashboard as well and show you what you have coming up today or in this case Monday for me, I have some meetings that I have or have a meeting I have scheduled.
I already talked about the unlinked calls Health OS this this platform is dynamic, so as I mentioned at the beginning, depending on what products you sell, there will be functions available if you sell Medicare, this will be surfaced here with helped SOAS to track.
If you don’t, this won’t be used.
Down here in recent activity, one of the other big things this platform does is it will track every interaction that you have with a client.
Many of them automatically, so you can see I changed Morley stage.
I think I took it from here.
We can look at it.
I believe I took it from prospect to loyal.
Yep, and you can see there’s her stage change right here too, which I can come in and see what it was that happened.
All of those interactions are being captured and and centralized on the dashboard here.
So same thing we wanted to make it.
You have your work day.
You go home, spend time with the family, go to bed, wake up the next day.
We want people to be able to walk in and immediately pick things right backup, say, where did I end yesterday?
What reminders do I have today?
Do I have any new leads?
What do I have to do next?
All right, so now jumping into contacts, I’ve kind of mentioned this a few different times, but to to go across the details here, anyone that’s used to see CRM, this will be pretty familiar.
You have the name of each of your contacts.
You have their stage that I talked about before.
We will automatically update that stage based on some rules that we put in place.
So for example, if someone ends up enrolling, will automatically update to client, but you can also change it.
So if you put someone in that’s new and you’re like, actually, this person’s been loyal, I’ve worked with them for a long time.
You can make that change and it will save it for you.
Umm, the next thing to quickly talk about is is tags.
This this is one of my favorite features that the team is continuing to expand.
We actually have a really big release of new function coming to tags in just a few weeks here.
What tags is is it pulls together so I come from a long background of consulting on CRMS and enterprise systems.
One of the biggest things that I’ve seen over and over and over again.
One of our big clients that I worked with before we we came in and were part of integrity was AARP and they have one of the largest data sets in the United States.
One of the biggest things you run into with those big systems is you end up with a bunch of things that just don’t get used.
A bunch of systems that are partially used or only have a little bit of information in them.
So what we’ve done is taken a lot of those functions and merge them into what we call tags to make it simple.
So tags fall into one of four different categories, product tags, which is all of your product details.
So carrier name status, product type, product category, all of those sorts of things, campaign tags, which is all of your marketing details where the lead came from, if there’s a new campaign they belong to.
Umm what’s that?

Blair Ollendorf  
Can’t get it.

Jake Christensen  
That’s all.
I had a question.
Uh, then we have custom tags, so as an agent you can put in whatever tags you would like to track everything, and then finally ask integrity recommends or recommendation tags.
Those are tags that are Analytics team used to insert things like if there is a model that’s produced that helps you know whether someone is likely to switch plans or not.
We run that on the Medicare side, call it a Switcher model.
We’ll insert that information on behalf of the agent here and then when that gets inserted in the individual contacts, there will be an activity entry for it that you can click on.
It’ll pop up and tell you why that tag was inserted, so it really lets us create a lot of function and capability in in one very streamlined place.
The other thing I’ll just note, Lance, for yourself, for anyone on on your team, this is something that we have a lot of flexibility with.
So if there are ideas, if there are campaigns or partnerships or different things like that, we can go from having a conversation about that to inserting those tags very, very quickly.
An example that I generally share is on the Medicare side.
We had a a number of a couple of years ago, a number of storms along the East Coast that caused the CMS to extend.
How long the annual enrollment period worked?
A special enrollment period, we were able to meet with Ryan Kimble in that team.
Get a list of where those all took place and then insert 10s of thousands of tags, letting every agent know which clients qualified for that special enrollment period.
So it’s a really, really useful tool, yeah.

Scott Davis  
I, Jake.
Is it possible to add a picture of the client somewhere here?
Because as we have hundreds of clients, we take selfies with them.
It’s helpful to remember what they they look like, you know?

Jake Christensen  

Scott Davis  
So is that possible?

Jake Christensen  
So not currently.
Uh, let I’ll take that idea back with the team.
The the one they’re working on right now that should be coming out in the next few weeks is the ability for you to put an agent to put an agent photo on the personal website.
So your clients can see what you look like, but I like the idea of being able to put a client photo as well.
I know our team has been looking into those, those sorts of things, adding photos to things, so I’ll take that back with them.
OK, so now once, once I’m in an individual profile here, John Smith, you’ll see there’s there’s four categories of information that we keep track of.
We have overview that’ll get into any of the kind of key interactions that I’m having with John.
It also includes John’s contact details.
My team pays a lot of very close attention and research to UX, user experience and so one thing you’ll notice in a lot of the designs is we prioritize interactions and information that happened the most often.
So in this case, I’d like to give this example.
Once I have John’s information, birth date, email, phone, that kind of information, that doesn’t change all that often.
So I capture it, we save it here and then we want to give the real estate to the stuff that changes that you want to interact with.
So reminders you can see right here at the top I can add a new reminder.
I can complete this one activities telling me everything that’s been going on with John and then something we just rolled out recently with Life Center is an integration with legacy safeguard.
So if I want to enroll John and legacy Safeguard and Lance, let me know.
I assume you guys have are aware of legacy safeguard.
If not, I can walk through that too.

Lance Perry  
Actually actually, most of them probably aren’t. Ohh.

Jake Christensen  
OK, I’ll give it.
I’ll give a 30,000 foot on legacy safeguard then.

Lance Perry  
Brian will smile.

Jake Christensen  
So legacy safeguard and let me I’ll pull up, let me pull up legacy safeguard as a screen here.
If I can get this thing to move half the time, OK to do it this way so legacy safeguard is a really cool thing that I won’t try to.
I won’t try to tell Brian’s whole history on it because I think it’s a very personal story that he shares.
But Brian had an experience a number of years ago.
That kind of brought his mind to the the legacy that we leave behind, the legacy that that our clients leave behind.
And So what he wanted to do is provide a service and a solution to make it easier for people to, uh, capture information like wishes that I have after I pass on important information, I need to make sure to save and give to my family important memories that I wanna save any requests or requirements I have regarding my funeral or or things like that.
And so to to make that an easy and powerful from conversation, Brian created legacy safeguard.
So legacy Safeguard is a free tool that agents with integrity and integrity partners are able to offer two clients no charge.
You’re able to register, so you saw me click on the the sign up here.
You’re able to register a client for this free product directly through Life Center and what that gives them access to is a couple of really useful, useful tools.
Kind of in that in that situation, in that scenario of wanting to leave a legacy behind, first and foremost when you enroll them, they they can come and log in and download a tool called the legacy safeguard software that’s available on desktop as well as on a mobile phone.
Your your clients can download it and either place that platform lets them capture all of that information I shared, lets them save key information like banking information, passwords, things like that, wishes all of that in one place, and then we mail them a legacy safeguard card that has your information on it as who enrolled them, but also provides them and their loved ones.
We send two cards out with every enrollment with a contact a number to be able to reach out to an advisor on your Your behalf, acting as a partner with you as an agent.
That advisor will be able to help them with things like finding funeral homes nearby, finding a Funeral Home network that can help them finding legal support to be able to plan any sort of living will, or anything like that.
Find them in moments of kind of difficulty when needed.
If a family member reaches out, can also help find them counseling and support for for you know, those tough times that happen.
And and so this this product for for you as an agent is something that you’re able to offer for free once you enroll them.
It’s also really, really.
Powerful that we want to make it so that it’s a conversation not only to help help them and help them kind of prepare for like we like to say the good days ahead, but it lets them also sponsor other family members, other people that might might need that same sort of support or service.
And so you’re able to get that service to them.
They’re able to recommend other people that you can reach out to also get enrolled in that service.
The reason so I mentioned I come from a long background of CRM sales enablement sales support, one of the biggest things that that I’ve I’ve always seen in in interviewing anyone that we’re building software for.
So one of the most difficult things I’m I’m trying preaching the choir is to have conversations of meaning with clients that help establish those relationships beyond just transactional.
Hey, I’m selling you insurance or not?
Or hey, I’m selling you this product or not.
This this product lets you create stronger relationships and give them a product that really helps focus on why we do what we do.
It’s it’s yes, to get insurance coverage, to get people covered, to prepare for the good days ahead.
But ultimately, it’s to help people leave a legacy and and really have that benefit and that comfort from that service.
So this this is something you’re all able to write for people again free of charge.
And when you enroll them, they’ll get sent back at that mail piece with the cards and they’ll get an email as well.
That explains a lot about the service.
So, Lance, you’ve you’ve probably, you’ve heard Brian do it.
Hopefully I didn’t butcher it too bad.
There he he has a fantastic pitch when he does and I’m just trying to mimic it as well as I can.
Alright, so moving on here.
I talked about activities.
You also have client notes.
That’s just a place you can quickly save.
Anything I like to put this one cuz, umm, I’m a Steelers fan, so there we go.
That’s a person the Steelers fan.
Umm, the next section we have is what we call our health profile.
This health profile is where we make it easy for you to save for a client all the information that’s relevant to writing business.
That includes information that might be used to write a health plan, a Medicare plan, or write a final expense plan.
Right now, the final expense plans use conditions, primarily the team, and I’ll let Andrew talk about this a little bit more.
Is looking at pulling in more of this information, but none of it is required to enter here.
We just wanted to make it easy.
When you’re having those conversations about health, about kind of the why I might be thinking about final expense coverage or things like that, that you can capture all that information because again, we’re trying to make it easy to create long term relationships with people and there might be a scenario that you know a year later a lot of those same people that are signing up for final expense are most likely 65 plus and also would qualify and be in a great spot to get some Medicare Advantage.
We want you to be able to have all that information captured in case at a later time you decide to reach out.
Either get licensed, or if you already licensed and enroll them in another plan.
If you don’t fill this information out, we will capture it dynamically based on whatever plan you’re writing.
So if I completely leave this empty and I go to start a quote, if I do a life quote, it’s going to ask me to please and I’ll show this in a second.
But please complete this health info here.
Are they a tobacco user?
Let me know any conditions they have same thing on the Medicare side.
If you go to start a quote, we prompt to say hey, we’re able to provide the best recommendations.
If you give us providers prescriptions, pharmacy preferences.

Scott Davis  
Hey Jake, quick question.

Jake Christensen  

Scott Davis  
If an agent is only selling final expense here, do they have to worry about their clients information?
Maybe they’re not selling Medicare.
They know they’re 65 and they’re over.
Is that gonna kick to somebody in Medicare that they’re going to come behind us?
Because if an agent selling final expense thinks that they’re not going to enter this.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, absolutely not.
So we have.

Scott Davis  

Jake Christensen  
If you go look at the there’s there’s terms of use and privacy policy information here.
And if you ever have a scenario, Scott, where you have an agent concerned about that, we actually have a write up, we do on it because we want to be very, very clear information that agents put in here belongs to the agent.
So we’re not going to use that information to go and try and turn them into a lead and resell it.
I think that would be a pretty big breach of the agents trust from our side, so.

Scott Davis  
OK, won’t follow up question if if we as partners have somebody that specializes in Medicare within our agency.
Is there a way for us to send that information to that individual that we want to share it with?

Jake Christensen  
So we’ve we’ve looked at that a little bit as you probably heard from my response we we’ve been very, very vigilant like the the restricted side of the fence on it.
But I would say that that information is captured.
We are looking at a way right now and I’m I’ll talk about this in general, this doesn’t have a date yet, but we’re looking at a way right now for agents to essentially do a self referral.
So if you’re working with an agent, hey, I don’t sell.
I don’t sell Medicare, but I think this person would be great to get on Medicare.
I’m not interested in getting licensed.
We wanna make it so an agent can say I want to refer this to another agent.
That way it’s from the agent up, so it does never feel like they’re having something taken away from them.

Scott Davis  
Alright, thank you Sir.

Jake Christensen  
Absolutely. Umm.
So then the next section here is policies.
This is if if John happens to have any policies with me, I’ll show historical policies.
I’ll I’ll show show current policies.
One thing that we do, we do like to point out here that the team is also looking closely at how to surface this even more is if I’ve written a final expense policy for a client and then I’m bopping around, working with my client list.
I come in here and say, hey, I better check in with John.
I want to see how he’s doing and I kind of take a quick glance as policy or I ask integrity, it will tell me the same information and I see suddenly that the current policy that I had John on now is listed as a previous policy.
The carrier reached out to me and said Eric reached out to us on the data side and said hey, this termed it’s not active anymore.
That gives me a quick indication of maybe there was a payment thing, maybe he just I need to follow up and say, hey, what happened?
But also there might have been a scenario where someone else wrote him and moved him off the policy.
So we always let agents know, hey, make sure to take a look at when you’re working, getting ready to call someone, go take a glance at their policy list, because it will let you know if a carrier lets us know if there’s been a change.
Now our team is working really closely with carriers.
We’ve met with quite a few of them thanks to Liza and Tess, Tess and others to to even get more information there so that we could tell an agent specifically.
This was termed, or a new policy was written and in in either of those cases show it on the dashboard, but that’s something we’re still enhancing.
In the meantime, you can see whether it termed here.
Finally, you have connect.
This gives you the ability to trigger a call using that recorded line, send an email.
It also will pull up a call script.
That’s something that we have a big enhancement coming to and a couple of weeks here, so I won’t.
I won’t get into it right now, but one thing we are rolling out is the ability for that call script to include any context from the tags.
So if you get a lead from lead center, that call script will say hey, this lead came from lead center, it was this campaign.
So it lets you as an agent, know when you’re talking to someone for the first time.
You’re able to say, hey, I saw that you came in from our television ad that we ran, umm.
Excited to talk to you?
Those those little moments of context just established such strong trust.
A lot of my team, as I mentioned, originated with Thomas Arts TA.
When we were brought into the integrity family, so we have a lot of people that pay very close attention to that advertising world and that’s one of the big things they’ve recommended several times is let agents see where the leads came from so that when they talk to someone, they have that context, it’s more powerful in having that first conversation.
Alright, so finally we will jump into the quotes and for that I’m actually going to switch to just steering.
I’m going to throw it over to Andrew Watson, who, like Liza said, joins us from CSG.
But even more recently, he leads our quoting and enrolling teams at Integrity.
So anything where we get into working with carriers, submitting quotes, getting quote data, sending applications and enrollments, Andrews the guy.
So if anyone has questions in that realm, Andrew, I’ll throw it over to you.

Andrew Watson  
Thanks Jake.
Thank you, everybody.
Nice to meet all of you.
Appreciate you taking some time to look at this with us today and please do reach out with any questions you can send them in chat or just interrupt me.
I’m not offended if you have a question, just you can raise hand in team or blurt out whatever works for you.
So we’ll talk about quoting in a second, but I just want to re emphasize that this is a useful CRM no matter what products you’re writing, this is a fully functional way for an agent to interact and take the leads that they generate and buy through the through the process of selling.
We are just getting started on the quoting and enrolling integrated features, particularly on the live side.
So we’ve got that.
We’ll show you that and it works for final expense.
So we’re really pleased about that. But I don’t want to.
This is a CRM at its core with some with this quoting functionality.
So the first thing before we even start a quote is we got to talk about a little bit about the products, uh, that the that the agent will see and and can write for.
So if the the agent goes to their selling or to their account.
Uh page here and they go down about halfway through.
They’ll see active selling permissions.
There’s two windows here.
The first one is has a little blue box and it and this is actually the most permanent one, probably for your agents we are bringing in contract data into our platform and we will preload selling permissions based on on that information.
It’s probably good for an agent to come here on their first login just to make sure that the carriers that they represent are represented here on, but generally speaking, the agents contract information is preloaded, so they probably won’t have to do anything here on the self attested permissions side though, they can if they see something that’s not there.
Or the the writing number that we have for them is not correct for whatever reason and they don’t wanna wait for the data systems to catch that up?
Umm, if you’re not on integrity connect, sometimes those those data updates may not be as frequent as they age would like.
If you are on integrity connect, it is much faster, but they can go in at any time and self attest their appointment with any of these carriers, so they can say I’m writing for these companies and and it will immediately make them available so they can do that here once they have their selling permissions set up correctly then they’re good to go.
They can go to a comic, back to a contact record, and they can launch right into the process of of starting a quote.
Now it’s gonna initially pop this up, said say, do you wanna quote live for health?
Uh, if they only write life, they can click the don’t show this again.
Click on life and that, that that pop up will not appear again.
They can go back into their account preferences and change it later if they decide to, but but if they set that they will always end up here.
Yeah, there.
So, umm, so here’s the basic quote intake form.
This is not rocket science, right?
The state, the gender, date of birth, height, weight, tobacco use are the the primary things required to generate a quote.
They click on next, we’ll take them to a page that allows them to enter health conditions with the client may have if the client has health conditions, they can add those.
Here they can search for a condition.
Uh. Yep.
Uh, select it.
It will ask for the data last treatment.
And they can continue adding any other conditions that they might have, but they can then, uh, go to view the quote.
And it will take them to the quote results.
These by default are going to show only the products that are pointed.
For now, let’s talk a little bit first about the order that these quotes are presented in on the system is going to present the best attempt to present the best product that that person is eligible to to apply for based on the underwriting prescreening.
Obviously the carriers are going to be the end all be all determinant of of underwriting, but we’re doing the best based on their underwriting guidelines to qualify them.
So for example, if you have a, if you’re writing for a company that that has a level graded and a guaranteed product all in the market, and you have health conditions that would knock them out for the level product, the graded product will show at the graded product will show at the top of the list alongside any other graded products that they qualify for.
If they don’t qualify for any of those.
Simplified products.
All they qualified are guaranteed you’ll see guaranteed products on this list.
If you have a carrier that they, if one carrier would allow them a level benefit, but all the other ones would show them as graded, that one level benefit will be at the top of the list and then they’ll see the grade and below that that it’s a little bit complicated, but it should be pretty straightforward to those of you in life business.
Uh, any questions on that piece there on how we present those quote results within those, it’s going to present the lowest premium for the given face amount first.
So, so the level benefits will be sorted by premium, the greater benefits will be sorted by premium.
The guarantee you’ll be sorted by premium within those subgroups.
They can go up to the top there where it says coverage amount.
Uh, they can edit that, or they can enter in a monthly premium to do a premium solve.
Uh, for, for for a given premium amount.
And it will give them the coverage amount.
They uh, they’re eligible for if they want to see.
Other products that they’re not appointed for, they can uncheck my appointed products and it will show all that are available on the platform.
And then if they check show only excluded products, it’s going to show them uh, products that they are not eligible for based on the prescreening information or potentially policy limits for age or face them out, those will end up here and if they click the prescreen available, they will see the the reason for uh for that umm that prescreen determination questions there.
If they want to directly filter to a specific coverage type because they they they know.
Themselves, like if they they know this person’s only going to be guaranteed, they don’t want to go through all the health condition mumbo jumbo.
They just know because they’re an experienced agent, they can go over on the left and just select the kind of a plan that they want.
We don’t by default include limited pay options in our default sort, so if they’re looking for a limited pay sale for that specific scenario, they can also just display those products by going to that that option there.
OK umm, so assuming that they’ve got the right product, they’re they’re ready to take a nap on it.
They we have built in links to apply if they click on apply for a given product, one of two things are gonna happen for many of the carriers that we have on the on the platform, we have integrations built in with their E app platform that we will log.
We will take you to the carriers E app.
We will log you into the carriers E app and we will prefill information from the contact record where appropriate into that.
So that they can just fill out the rest of it for some that we don’t have, that we’ll just take you to a link to their website.
You’ll have to log in and rerender.
We’re still working with carriers to get the single sign on linkage set up for all those.
But but that is an ongoing effort and we’re continuing to build in connections with the carrier.
It’s an it.
We use the carriers because many of them have point of sale underwriting process.
We want the agent to benefit from that instant decision, so we’ll we leverage that.
And then when they’re done with that, that information will then be fed back in, they’ll show, as they’ll show once we get the policy feed information back from the carrier, which is typically, you know, it’s usually about a day that will be linked back to this contact record and show us that apply policy on their contact page.
And that’s the quote process and in a nutshell, what questions do you guys have?

Nick Gojcaj  
Hey, Andrew, how often is this being updated?
Cause like with royal neighbors, they used to take dive back garage through the insulin and now that goes I believe graded.
So is that pretty?
Is this all pretty up to date with the carriers?
As far as you know, because now they LPD nonsmokers as day one, or they didn’t.

Andrew Watson  
Umm, yeah, so they typically update us when they make changes.
We also do an audit of all of the carriers twice a year at least.
Uh, just to get them say, hey, you’re using the current version of your guide.
Do we have the current rates?
I’m generally that’s not a problem, cause I’ll feed us that information if you.
But if agents notice any discrepancies, they usually speak up pretty quickly and we’ll we’ll be on it.
It doesn’t take very long to update it.
That’s the best thing about working with agents is if they see some wrong, they were happy to point out to me.
So we’re on top of it.

Scott Davis  
Another question, Andrew, real quick.
I noticed we can put conditions in, but a lot of the insurance companies are looking closer at prescriptions than they are.
What we say conditions so is it only conditions we can add in there no prescriptions?

Andrew Watson  
For now, yes, and I shortly.
Well, I don’t know about shortly.
It was very soon we are.
We are actually developing the prescription piece of it right now.
That’s gonna look like is they’ll enter a prescription and it will ask what?
They’re taking it for on, you know that at the end of the day that the prescription list by the carrier based on the conditions they’re used to treat for, but but we will have a current and up-to-date drug search that goes into this as well.
That’s a little bit trickier because drugs are changing all the time.
They’re new drugs are released.
We actually have for other tools as an agents may be familiar in the market, we’re gonna have a better solution than them because we’re going to have every drug as soon as it’s released to the market and the conditions it’s treated for.
So carriers may not update their guides, but they are under up Milliman as updating the underwriting rules for all of them.
As soon as those drugs are released, so we’ll be a step ahead of even the carriers releasing that information when our when our drug lookup comes to market.

Scott Davis  
Awesome. Thanks.

Andrew Watson  
Other questions?
I kind of glossed over it, but but Bill charts are built under this too, right?
So you enter the height weight.
That’s gonna help filter the the the available plans.
So yeah, we’re we’re looking forward to agents using it.

Jake Christensen  

Andrew Watson  
We’re we’re seeing a lot of early use of it and you know about half of the quotes that were running right now are resulting in an apply action, which is pretty comparable to what we see on the health side.
So it seems so far that agents are are finding success in getting through the process and we’re excited to see that.
Obviously, we’d love for your agents to get in there and try and get feedback on it.

Jake Christensen  

Andrew Watson  
OK. Thanks.

Jake Christensen  
Thank you guys any anything else that we want to hit.
Lance, Liza.

Megan Churley  
I had a question about uploading your contacts.

Lance Perry  
Now I.

Jake Christensen  

Megan Churley  
Can you upload an image of the lead that you already have for them?

Jake Christensen  
Upload an image of the lead, like a A scanned BRC or something like that.

Megan Churley  
Well, I think ours are all PDF’s right now, but.

Jake Christensen  
OK, not currently we we’ve looked at that one too file file upload is something that we’ve we’ve talked about.
I think the biggest thing we’ve looked at there is if we’re gonna do scanned BRCS or PDF BRCS anything like that where you are requesting a reply card of any kind.
If we’re uploading that, we wanna make sure that we’re we’re also able to pull that data in for you, try and try and give some additional functionality there.
So the team is looking at that.

Megan Churley  
Because all of our agents would have to mass upload all of their leads and they all and they all click on the image and show it to the client, like as part of their approach.

Jake Christensen  
Like here’s where.

Megan Churley  
So here’s where you signed it and send it back in, yeah.

Jake Christensen  
Here’s where you filled this out.

Lance Perry  
Now I think I think I think in the league, but I think in the lead integration, if it’s gonna be integrated with the lead center, if we’re using lead center, it is gonna have a copy of that, correct.

Jake Christensen  
I’ll add that to the feedback.
If you guys have it in lead center, it’ll be there so so or if it’s generated.

Lance Perry  
But we don’t.
You are working on getting.
We’re on opt, but we’re working on getting in the lead center.

Megan Churley  
We haven’t been saying yet.

Lance Perry  
Yeah, you’ve been working on that for a long.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
We’re supposed to be top of the list.
Ah, but we hadn’t heard from you in probably four months.

Jake Christensen  
Hey, that’s that.
That is my team too.
Lance, you want me to go chase him down?

Lance Perry  
Jake, we had heard from you in four months.

Jake Christensen  
I can.
I’ll go follow up with them.

Liza Cianciosi  
Jake, can you give a quick overview of lead center?
I know we just recently released a hot off the press as of yesterday and you went Lance Ments to let, as Lance said they’re currently not fully using lead center, but kind of talk a little bit about everything that we have available there and how it’s gonna integrate with life center.

Jake Christensen  
Sorry, I’m just making a note that Lance asked me to go yell at my lead center team.
Hold on.

Megan Churley  
We have three months till the baby comes out.

Lance Perry  
We told him it had to be done before Megan has a baby, which would have been like right now.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
So we can use it first and she does our leads.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
So the Oh yeah, we’ll have it done.
Yeah, ghosts.

Jake Christensen  
I’ll go.
I’ll go change.
I’ll go chase him.
I’ll go.

Lance Perry  
Alright, good deal.

Jake Christensen  
Andrew, you, you back me up?
We know who we know who to go talk to umm.

Andrew Watson  
I I’ll remind you of the list.

Jake Christensen  

Andrew Watson  
It’s great when I’m not on it.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, I can do.
Let me do just a quick the only thing and if if we want to do a deeper dive, we can whenever we do a lead center demo, I like to have a a demo demo credit card to load the the wallet which I do not have on me.
So I can do a partial partial demo here, all right.

Liza Cianciosi  
Lance, what’s your credit card number?

Jake Christensen  
OK, you guys see my screen again here is.

Andrew Watson  
On lead center today.

Lance Perry  
Megan has it.
So be quiet, Megan.

Jake Christensen  
Alright, so I’m going to jump back in if I can do it around the there we go.
All right.
So lead center, depending on how familiar you are with it, is the lead marketplace that we provide and there there’s several features and functionality that that you can get into with lead center the the one that I was kind of clicking through a little bit and this is this is staging.
So these available lead counts are not real, but the system works this same way.
The very first thing you see when you log in is the the marketplace for data data leads.
So leads we have a database of people who we’ve generated through partnerships or who have raised their hands to be contacted for certain products.
You’re able to select what type of product do you want to lead for, so in this case I had selected life.
Then you can select a category.
That’s where the lead was generated.
Direct mail, exclusive Internet social media verified leads.
I’m going to go direct mail here.
Once you do that, you’re able to get into some some location based some region based stuff, so I’m because this is our demo account.
I’m gonna click Texas because I know we have a lot of Demo leads here.
This heat map will show where there are the most leads in the production environment.
It’s much hotter than this one, but once I kind of select all that information, my state if I want to get down to the county level, someone I’m within driving distance of, I can do that here.
Then you’ll also see what we call our gemstone breakdown.
This gemstone breakdown, our data team goes through every lead we generate and analyzes it based on models they’ve created for propensity to enroll likelihood to enroll.
So then you as an agent are able to see, hey, if I’ve got a diamond lead, it’s going to cost a little more because we’ve analyzed it’s the most likely to enroll.
But if I want to purchase one of those leads, that’s gonna be the most likely the easiest person to get enrolled is the way.
It’s sad if you’re like, no, I’m good.
I’m going to go to get through a lot more people.
I wanna stretch my dollars.
I think I can get them sold.
You can go after a gold or a silver.
I like to say it that way because it’s a challenge for sales.
I mean, come on, you can take a silver and get it enrolled.
That’s the best thing, but it gives you the ability to kind of determine how to best spend your money to purchase a lead here.
So that’s how the the data leads work.
We can get them in a in a batch, you know 203050 at a time and insert them once you purchase them.
So I can, you know, I can say I want ten of them here.
Put it into my cart.
Once you purchase them, they will get automatically created in Life Center, so I’ll have 10 new contacts in LifeCENTER.
That all say new and it’ll pull over all this information that’s relevant here.
In addition to that, we do a type of lead campaign that’s called real time campaigns and a type called custom ads.
And I’ll talk about each of them real time and customer.
My two favorite I mean the other ones great too.
What real time campaigns is is you’ll notice this.
I’m available switch that’s available here.
You will see it on life center here and if you download the mobile app you see it on the mobile app as well.
That is all integrated.
So if I switch it on or off in one place it switch it, switches it on or off everywhere for me.
What that connects to with this real time leads campaign is essentially you as an agent setting up your coverage network where it is that you want to be available to take people that are raising their hands saying, hey, I’m on the phone right now.
I want to talk to an agent.
Get me with an agent when I create this campaign for this.
This profile going to call it Lips Desk campaign.
Umm, I can say whether I want data a data real time campaign means the second someone fills out a form it’s gonna send it to me a call real time campaign means the second someone calls.
I’m gonna be part of the routing network for it, so I’m gonna say a call campaign.
I’m gonna say for life.
Umm this is where I can do a plan enroll exclusive you guys saw on the dashboard those plan enroll exclusive leads.
Uh, this the plan?
Enroll exclusive program is one that requires just a little bit of extra training.
The participate in it’s something we do, we call it Farm to table leads where it’s generated by Integrity does not go to anyone else.
No other vendor ever touches it.
It goes from our marketing directly to the agent.
So we have a little bit of training to participate in that, but you can do a live transfer from one of our strategic partners to either one.
I’m gonna do plan enroll right here.
This is explaining what I just explained on the training.
And then once once I do that and click next here I select my geography.
So where it is I want to cover, so I’m gonna say I’m gonna cover the area around Salt Lake here.
I’ve got a lot of friends there, so if they call me, I know I can.
I can help them and then you just wanna make sure that you select, you know, select whatever counties you’re you’re wanting to cover, Davis County.
Then I set my cap my lead volume in the in the demo here.
This is about where it’s gonna start asking me for information.
I I won’t have, but once I create all of that, that will then let me jump back to our geography here.
That will then bring me online in the routing system for Utah.
So if I call comes in, someone says hey I need help in Utah.
I need life insurance in Utah.
Our system goes and checks every node.
Every agent that is online has a campaign and switched in is available in Utah and just starts assigning it down the list.
So as we get a lead, it’ll go to the agent who was first switched in.
Then they take the call.
They’re off the round Robin.
Then it goes to the next one, goes to the next one.
Umm for that system.
We also do have our call centers as a fall back.
So if someone calls and no one’s answering the phone, we wanna make sure they get with someone that will answer the phone.
So we do go to our call center network if no one answers.
The other thing to note is if you as an agent, if you’re switched in, you happen to go into a meeting and forget to switch out, it will route calls to you still.
But if you don’t answer three times in a row, three different leads, it’s going to switch you out and you won’t get charged for those leads.
But you didn’t answer, so we’re trying to make it again as as automatic as possible.
So now jumping back, we also have custom ad campaigns.
This is one that the team is very excited about, is continuing to expand.
What custom ad campaigns does is it takes all of the data that we have about, leads about, perspective leads and leverages it to let you, as an agent, actually create your own marketing to those leads.
So I can come in right now.
It’s direct mail only.
We’re in the process of looking at that, adding more.
We’ve got social media we’re considering and some other ones, but I can come in here, review the CMS approved materials.
All of this is submitted and approved through CMS, so you don’t have to worry about getting a distinct approval each time.
It’s all pre done.
I can determine what ad I want to send.
Then I can use the same mapping style information to determine who I want to target with that ad and select how many people I’d like to target.
If I want to have it very contained to a certain area, if I want to go wider, umm select these add.
Here we go.
Then once I complete this custom campaign, it will automatically and dynamically print that materials with my contact information on it and then mail it to whoever I’ve selected in this list and it will start generating leads for me first party.
Finally, we do have the ability for you as an agent to quickly view your leads lists.
So the leads that you’ve either purchased generated any of that and you can import information here as well, but it will automatically.
Any leads that show up here are automatically created and integrated in the CRM in Life Center, and then to actually manage them, update information, change your status.
You do that in life center and that information is automatically pulled back into here.
So the view you see here matches your contact list here.
OK, that was a a quick 30,000 foot walk through on lead Center for those that weren’t familiar with it.

Megan Churley  
I want to point out that although they use the same names as us, they don’t mean the same definitions.
They have platinum, gold, silver, bronze, not the same as ours.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, it’s I, I think that’s true in a few different things.
We’ve we’ve come across that a a few places uh lead center is a term that gets used a lot outside of what we mean by lead center too.
Any other questions?
Anything else you guys would like?
I’d like us to walk through.
All right.

Will Kemp  
Yeah, I I I got a couple questions.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  

Will Kemp  
So for the pending business, right, how it’s linked to mutual Omaha, Liberty bankers, all the the carriers as a partner, will I be able to see the pending requirements for my team?

Jake Christensen  
We are working so you can see policy information if you’re in integrity connect, you have some of that policy information.
We are expanding that more to where you can see more of those statuses and and same details the team built it once we have what we call the policy master system.
We’re just working to get Integrity connect.
They’ve got a few other things.
I have them working on 1st, but that’s on their priority list to be able to see that.

Will Kemp  
And then my next question, you guys are probably already working on this for those penning requirements and all that.
Can there be auto generated like text messages, emails sent to the agents individually and then like you know for higher ticket items like say it’s over $200.00 a month like Red Flag.
You know items to for more and see.

Jake Christensen  
So so that is one we we call that our notification center that is 1.
The team is actually built most of we temporarily paused it to finish launching LifeCENTER actually, so I have the team focused there.
I don’t have a date for that one yet, but same thing when we have these conversations with you guys, hearing what’s most critical and important for you.
That helps me work with my team to prioritize things, so I’ll I’ll follow up with them on that too.

Will Kemp  
And then 11 fine.

Lance Perry  
Heading Jake.
Jake, when did you go well, go ahead.
Well, go ahead.

Will Kemp  
For I know for individual clients and you guys are expanding this, we can see that there’s like fall off for that client.
Is there like a an excel like total list where I can see all the fall off?

Jake Christensen  
So that’s what I was talking.
I I think, Scott, when you when I saw that that feature that I’m talking about, that’s where that would go well, we do have that data in, in reporting.
So I would say if that’s something that you guys would want to see before we build it in the feature Lance, that would be probably a conversation that connect you with our power BI team.
They can probably put something like that together.

Scott Davis  
Quick question, I want to make sure I understood what we’ll ask.
Are we asking are we gonna have the capability to set up automatic text campaign to the client to remind them of their payments and things like that?
Because we need that.

Jake Christensen  
So there’s two separate things.
I thought that’s what Will was asking.
That’s why I kind of pointed because I want to talk about our current road map, the the what will what I heard from you was was agent notification.
So if something changes, letting the agent know that it changed, right?

Will Kemp  
That’s right.

Jake Christensen  
So so that ones not on our active development road map right now, it’s something the team started and so they’ll be picking it back up soon.
What is on our current roadmap?
Meaning we are planning to release this year.
We have a couple of major features and two that I’ll call out specifically here.
The first one is actually what you just asked.
Scott, we have heard I mentioned at the beginning one of the things my team brings a lot of experience on his marketing automation.
We’ve had a lot of time and consulting we’ve done on that.
And so one of the things we’re working on launching version one of this year is the ability for agents to trigger marketing to their clients.
So emails, text messages.
Whoa, that’s a great background effect.
Emails, text messages.
We wanna make it so that as an agent, I can say, yeah, I want to run a birthday campaign, for example, and let them know or I wanna run a notification campaign and let them know.
So the team is going through final discovery on that right now and we’re going to be starting design pretty soon.
That’s the plan to launch this year.
The other big one, and I’ll let Andrew actually talk about kind of how we’re going at it.
But we’re looking to expand the life product options to include IUL.
We wanna keep expanding.
What products agents are able to quote and and view all in one place, and that’s the next, the next one up.

Andrew Watson  
Yeah, I don’t know.
Much to add to that, other than obviously I will, yeah.

Jake Christensen  
Hey, I stole the Thunder. Sorry.

Andrew Watson  
I mean the only thing that I’ll I’ll say is at, you know, IL much more complex product obviously than final expense.
And I think it’s our bit our best opportunity to use technology to make those products more accessible for agents to write and and use and and umm you know have successful sales concepts backing up their their approach to clients.
So, uh yeah, we’re really looking forward to partnering with Liza’s team and the carriers to bring some IUL offerings on the platform.

Lance Perry  
Jake, I think it’s important for you.
To know when you’ll actually roll this product out, because this is really early, early, there’s already a lot of features in it, but there are tons of features that they have on the road map coming.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
That’s gonna take some time.
So when we chose actual rollout to the field month ago.

Jake Christensen  
So for for life center, we rolled it out about a month ago.
So so it prior to that Medicare Center is a platform we’ve had for a couple of years and it’s continued to expand.

Lance Perry  

Jake Christensen  
Life Center has been out a month, so we we’ve got a lot more coming.

Lance Perry  
And I’m sure any input we have or any ideas would definitely something would listen to and and and and say yes or no or are already working on it.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
So anything I’ve got like that, let’s make sure we get, we get it to Jake and his team.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, please do I my my email information’s on here.
Sorry, Andrew Andrews is too fire away.

Andrew Watson  
Yep, absolutely.

Jake Christensen  
Where where an open door policy for ideas.

Andrew Watson  
I mean, at the end of the day, we’re we offer this to for free to agents.
Uh, and the reason why that’s important is it only makes money for Integrity when when it’s used to sell, so that feedback coming back to us on what helps agents, you know make sales is is important.

Lance Perry  
Anybody else have questions?

Will Kemp  
Hey, what?

Lance Perry  
If you have good will.

Will Kemp  
One one final point, I’m just thinking out loud here.
It would be really beneficial for Rex right requirements to be sent to both the client and the agent, right?
Have you guys to get that down?

Jake Christensen  

Will Kemp  
That would, I would personally see a huge increase in terms of, you know pending to approved.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, umm the the only the only other thing I’ll say is when we receive ideas, feedback requests, you have to stamp your name on it because it usually means we’ll we will need to follow up and get contacts from you, get some additional additional insight and and talk to you about it to make sure we fully understand it.

Will Kemp  

Jake Christensen  
So I’m going to add that are you are you good with?
I’m going to add your name to it.

Will Kemp  
Yeah, that’s fine.

Jake Christensen  

Liza Cianciosi  
Anything else?

Nick Gojcaj  
One more question, Jason, you mentioned that The Client List for the snapshot, Umm, I think you mentioned something about your NPN number being linked to all the business you’ve written.
Is that you can’t go back on previous deals you’ve written.
Let’s just say 2-3 years ago, right?
That’s only from deals when you start the app to move them forward.

Jake Christensen  
We pull historical I I’ll have to check with the team how far back in history we pull, but as long as you have your your writing information your you’re writing number on a policy as the agent of record.
When you register, we’re gonna go pull that information and show it to you.
Umm, I don’t.
Andrew, do you remember off?
We’ll we’ll probably have to go double check how far back in history because I know I know we gave them a time frame.

Andrew Watson  
Yeah, I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Jake Christensen  
We wanted to get you some history.
So you had immediate value coming into the platform.
I just don’t remember offhand what it was.

Nick Gojcaj  
Appreciate it.
Yeah, just for some of us, maybe a big book over the past couple years for like add ONS, we like you know we do add ONS and and stuff like that.

Jake Christensen  

Nick Gojcaj  
So the like for your guys’s time.

Jake Christensen  
Yeah, understood.

Nick Gojcaj  
This is very useful.

Jake Christensen  
Absolutely anytime if, if, if, if, whenever we release big features, anything like that, Lance will obviously look to you Liza if you guys are like hey, can we get on and talk about the agent marketing that you just released.
We wanna hear more about it.
We’re ready, willing and available to jump on and talk about it.

Liza Cianciosi  
Thanks, Jake.

Lance Perry  
Good deal.
Anybody else have any questions?

Liza Cianciosi  
As always, great job, Jake.

Jake Christensen  

Megan Churley  
I had one more question.

Liza Cianciosi  
Yeah, go ahead.

Lance Perry  
Up, Megan.

Megan Churley  
If like, since you have all the client information, you said that it’s not shared with anybody, but is anybody analyzing like if the same client exact client pops up in multiple agents profiles like, could we figure out, oh, this NASB agent is replacing all of our other agents business or like some investigative stuff?

Jake Christensen  
Ye yes.
So we have two different things.
We two there the the first one is we we wanna track bad actors.
We wanna track when people are not doing what they’re supposed to.
So functionally, yes, we can track everything.
So if you guys have a question where you’re like, hey, we have a concern that this is happening, then our data team can securely go find out if that’s true or not, they’ll they’ll go look at it and they’ll be able to pull that information for you.
Candidly, that is another reason that we find it so important.
We wanted the the call recording and that stuff to be very valuable.
We also find it a great tool to do things like training and shadowing and allow you guys to say, hey, I wanna give you some advice as an agent that this is maybe what you should do should have done differently or you as an agent say hey, I know I look up to you.
You’re the reason I became a salesperson like this.
Could you review my sales process and tell me if I did a good job?
All of that is tracked and we we use it when we need to.
The bad actor situation comes up.
You reach out to our team and and we can do that.
The the other thing that we we do is on the lead center side.
So for agents, we don’t automatically deduplicate their CRM records because you may legitimately talk to the same like you may know.
Andrew, I may know Andrew.
So we both put him in the system.
That’s legitimate.
It’s a little bit of a competitive thing at that point.
Like, who’s ultimately gonna help Andrew, but on the lead side, we shouldn’t both be able to buy him as a lead.
So the lead center team will deduplicate and make sure that we’re not giving the same person to multiple people.
They’ll also go and pull enrollment data, application data and make sure we’re not selling someone who is already enrolled in a plan.
So they work very, very hard to try and make sure that that stays as clear and clean as possible.

Lance Perry  
Anybody else have questions?

Jake Christensen  
You’re you’re welcome to send them to us too.
Like we’re this isn’t, uh, ask now or you don’t get to ask.
Like, we’re happy to answer questions.
Send them to us.
You can send them through Liza.
She reaches out to us too, so we’re happy to help however we can.

Liza Cianciosi  

Lance Perry  
Well, Jake, Andrew, Liza, I appreciate your time and and and spending time letting them kind of see this.

Jake Christensen  

Lance Perry  
I think it’s gonna really help as far as getting people enrolled.
You wanna tell them what they do?
If they want their agents on LifeCENTER, what they need to do anything special.

Jake Christensen  
So the very first thing is if you have agents who are registered on Medicare Center or on lead center, it’s all the same registration.
So if they’ve registered on any of those, they use the same login and it will get them into the platform.
If they haven’t registered, they just go to and click log in in the top right corner and it will let you Click to register as a new agent.
The one thing to be aware of is we are we’re very careful.
We offer this for free.
It’s for free for integrity agents, so if they don’t have an NPN or write business with you guys, it’s gonna pop up and say, hey, it looks like you’re not.
We don’t see your NPN in our system.
If you guys ever get someone like that, they’re like, hey, they should be in the system.
Just reach out to our support team and we can get them inserted, but that’s we don’t run into that a whole lot if it’s a if it’s agents you’re working with, they’ll be in the system.
So there you go.

Liza Cianciosi  
But Lance and team, thank you so much for making the time.
We’re very excited about this and we appreciate the support.

Lance Perry  
Thank y’all.
I appreciate it.

Liza Cianciosi  
Thank you guys.

Lance Perry  
Thanks for getting on everybody.

Liza Cianciosi  
Have a great weekend.

Lance Perry  
They are.

Andrew Watson  
Thank you.

Liza Cianciosi  

Scott Davis  
Thank you guys.

Jake Christensen
stopped transcription